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Strip & Wax | Whittier CA | 562-943-7995The floors in your home or office take a beating from the heavy traffic they experience on a day in, day out basis. The marks, scuffs and stains that build up even over a short period of time make floors look dull, dirty and uncared for. If you are tired of looking at dull and listless hardwood, ceramic, tiled or marble floor surfaces, the easy solution is our professional strip and wax service to restore a beautiful clean shine to all worn floor surfaces. There are numerous benefits to scheduling our professional strip & wax service on a regular basis.

You can extend the lifespan and beauty of your flooring by using Master’s Carpet Cleaning Professional Strip & Wax Service. After our experienced cleaning technicians use state of the art equipment and cleaning techniques, your floors look sparkling clean once again and leave a much better impression on everyone inside your home or office, including guests and visitors. After a professional strip & wax session, not only are your floors slip-resistant, the many nicks and scratches that have developed from thousands of footsteps over time are made invisible. No matter how many years since your original flooring has been installed, our expert professional strip & wax service can provide extended protection that revives your flooring surface.

Amateur attempts to strip off old wax can leave floors damaged and applying improper amounts of new wax can make floors dangerously slippery. Don’t trust your flooring to anything less than the professional strip & wax service offered by Master’s Carpet Cleaning. We guarantee you’ll be thrilled with the results. Call today for a free quote.