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Stone Cleaning | Whittier CA | 562-943-7995Stone may be tough and durable, but most stone is also very porous, and it’s inevitable that there will be spills and stains, especially if the stone is part of a kitchen counter-top. Most stone doesn’t do well when it comes in contact with acidic substances like lemon juice or wine. A badly stained stone counter-top or other surface will need the services of our professional stone cleaning company, Master’s Carpet Cleaning. We’re experts at cleaning stone despite our name!

Different types of stone may require different cleaning methods. Sometimes, it’s fairly easy to remove superficial stains, but if the stain is really old and has penetrated into the stone, it will need a poultice. Our poultice is made up of ingredients formulated to remove stains from specific stone. Usually, it will need to be applied and left on the stone for a day or so then rinsed off. Depending on how deep the stain goes, we might need to apply it a few times. After that, the stone will be rinsed again and buffed.

A thoroughly cleaned stone counter-top always enhances the beauty of a room. It invites people to linger in the room and reveals the homeowner as a person who not only appreciates the finer things in life but takes great care of his or her possessions.

Don’t hesitate to contact our company, Master’s Carpet Cleaning, if you need your stone cleaned thoroughly and safely. We serve both residential and commercial customers.